The similarities of porpherias lover and my last duchess

Discussion There are strong similarities between the two poems, particularly in theme, where both poems display a preservation of the mens' idea of the feminine in a form that fit their ideal. It is a portrait of the Duke's late wife. We are only given the male characters point of view; neither of the poems gives the female view which shows a lower status for women.

The Last Duchess And Porphyria's Lover

But this is really the limit of the variation: He seems convinced that Porphyria wanted to be murdered, and claims "No pain felt she" while being strangled, adding, as if to convince himself, "I am quite sure she felt no pain.

I found A thing to do, and all her hair In one long yellow string I wound Three times her little throat around, And strangled her. It has also been postulated that this is Browning's statement of "God's silence," in which neither good nor bad acts are immediately recompensed by the deity.

In the last few lines of the poem, Porphyria is manipulated in much the same way as the speaker was in the first few lines of the poem. Furthermore the quote is not a speech from her which means he thinks that she wants him to have her. His lover, a blooming young woman named Porphyria, comes in out of a storm and proceeds to make a fire and bring cheer to the cottage.

So, she was come through wind and rain. Other sources speculate that the lover might be impotent, disabled, sick, or otherwise inadequate, and, as such, unable to satisfy Porphyria.

Comparison between ‘My Last Duchess’ and ‘Porphyria’s Lover’ - Assignment Example

In "My Last Duchess," the speaker describes a specific painting to the reader. He may believe God has said nothing because He is satisfied with his actions.

For the Victorians, modernity meant numbness: Dramatic Monologue Robert Browning did not invent the dramatic monologue but he is the most famous user of the form. Porphyria is a mystery. Moreover it tells us that he arranged her death to stop her from smiling at everyone maybe due to jealousy.

Our State is NJ. It also shows that he wants everyone to know that she is his, and only his. She refuses to leave her background for him, yet "all her heart's endeavour" shows that he's convinced himself that she loves him with all her heart. The unchanging rhythmic pattern may also suggest the persona's insanity.

That moment she was mine, mine, fair, Perfectly pure and good: So at the very beginning, the reader can tell of the narrator's confusion.

Be sure I looked up at her eyes Happy and proud; at last I knew Porphyria worshiped me: In both works, the author explores the hidden influence death has upon the relationship shared by two lovers. Why does society see both sex and violence as transgressive?. As we saw in “My Last Duchess”, the one with class and money was the man.

Therefore, he automatically gained control though his gender and through his nobility. However, in “Porphyria’s Lover, the roles were a tad switched up. In this situation, the woman had the class and the money. A comparison between Porphyrias Lover and My Last Duchess Browning belonged to the Victorian Age, an age where love co-existed with confusion, religion, and unrest.

At his best, Browning is a poet of love. The similarities between Robert Browning's two poems, My Last Duchess and Porphyria's Lover, are uncanny, as they can be compared in theme, plot, style, language, perspective and various other ways.

The two poems make the same statement concerning. Compare and contrast Porphyrias lover and My last Duchess “Porphyrias lover” and My Last Duchess are similar in many ways, they are both written by Robert Browning. In “My Last Duchess” the speaker is an Italian Duke who is speaking to the ambassador of a count, whose daughter he hopes, to marry.

Compare And Contrast My Last Duchess And Porphyria's Lover Search Search Results Compare And Contrast ‘Porphyria's Lover’ And ‘La Belle Dame Sans Merci’, Commenting On. But I am struggling to recognize the catharsis inOthello, "My Last Duchess" and "Porphyria's Lover."' and find homework help for other .

The similarities of porpherias lover and my last duchess
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