The influence of charlie bird parker on jazz music during the 1940s

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Charlie Parkerwho was early on influenced by Lester Young and the sound of Buster Smithvisited New York for the first time inworking as a dishwasher at one point so he could hear Art Tatum play on a nightly basis. Down there in the South, all chickens are called yardbirds.

During this time, Charlie developed serious problems that were to affect him the rest of his life. Lancashire boilers were surrounded by brickwork flues. Charlie "Bird" Parker () -originally got into music in Seattle s, leading a jazz trio in clubs of Jackson St.

(sound based on sound of Nat King Cole trio) -inspired by contemporary classical musicians, mainstream jazz musicians, cartoon music-his main free jazz influences are Anthony Braxton & Ornette Coleman.

Charlie "Bird" Parker, John "Dizzy" Gillespie, Kenny "Klook" Clark, Cab Calloway, Billie "Mr. B" Ekstine, Thelonious Monk Latin Jazz was NOT new during the s, in fact the earliest forms of jazz going back to jelly roll morton was infused by latin characteristics.

(bop & hard bop) as popular music; jazz as a living organism and. On March 12,famed jazz musician Charlie "Bird" Parker died, following a year addiction to heroin and alcohol.

Charlie Parker

The Kansas City native had become one of the greatest alto saxophonists in the world thanks to his innovations in the "bebop" jazz style. Parker’s influence upon modern jazz was immense. His many followers included Ornette Coleman, John Coltrane, and Albert Ayler —leading figures in the development of free jazz.

His difficult life was the subject of Bird (), a film directed by Clint Eastwood. Sheila Jordan figures it took four notes for Charlie Parker to change her was in the s and Jordan was a teenager in Detroit.

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The influence of charlie bird parker on jazz music during the 1940s
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