The history of the donner party

The days were blisteringly hot and the nights frigid. The cabins had no windows or doors, only large holes to allow entry.

Satisfied, the emigrants rested for a few days at the fort, making repairs to their wagons and preparing for the rest of what they thought would be a seven week journey.

By the time they reached the shore, they also blamed James Reed. Along the way, they discovered that some of their wagons would have to be abandoned and before long, morale began to sink and the pioneers began to adamantly blame Lansford Hastings.

The rigors of the journey resulted in irreparable damage to some of the wagons, but no human lives had been lost. The story is very well-known, so at first thought it did not make much sense to read again about the tragedy in this book.

The dead were lying all around, some even unburied, and nearly all with only a covering of snow.

Donner Party

He saw the first part of the trail, and was concerned that it would be difficult for the wagons in the Donner group, especially with so many women and children. The cabins were cramped and filthy, and it snowed so much that people were unable to go outdoors for days. On the far side of the desert, an inventory of food was taken and found to be less than adequate for the mile trek still ahead.

He had not known she was dead. The Breen family consisted of Patrick Breen 51a farmer from Iowa, his wife Margaret "Peggy", 40 and seven children: On further thought though, the editorial department thought it might be interesting to read one of the first books and see how the travails of the Donner Party were reported in the 19th Century.

They estimated it would take four months to accomplish their objective. The Eddys' oxen had been killed by Native Americans and they were forced to abandon their wagon.

Hastings wrote directions and left letters stuck to trees. Keseburg, in the popular telling, is the villain. Hastings had offered in his letter to guide the Donner Party around the more difficult areas, but he rode back only part way, indicating the general direction to follow.

The party rested their oxen and prepared for the trip. As the disillusionment of the party increased, tempers began to flare in the group. Graves was in charge of eight, and Levinah Murphy and Eleanor Eddy together took care of nine.

10 Things You Should Know About the Donner Party

We pray the God of mercy to deliver us from our present calamity, if it be His holy will. Along the entire journey, others would join the group until its size numbered Fair and pleasant; froze hard last night; the company started on snow-shoes to cross the mountains; wind southeast.

With publication of his authoritative History, “the tragedy of the Donner Party gripped the heart of the whole nation” (Limburg, Deceived, xxviii). This is the “best account of the most harrowing of all overland disasters” (Howes M).

Graff Streeter V Cowan, Penciled owner inscription.

Donner Party

History of the Donner Party: A Tragedy of the Sierra and millions of other books are available for instant access. view Kindle eBook | view Audible audiobook Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle turnonepoundintoonemillion.coms: The History of the Donner Party is a splendid piece of work."— Utah Humanities Review "McGashan expended tremendous energy in amassing historical evidence about the tragic fate of the party/5(58).

Patrick Breen was a member of the Donner Party and kept a diary of their ordeal during the winter of His description was first published as an article in a Nashville, TN newspaper in the spring of and later in a book published in There have been many books, stories, and videos about the Donner Party (Desperate Passage was reviewed in our May, ’14 Heirloom).

The reporting started as soon as people in California found out about the trapped emigrants in the Winter of and has gone on into current times. History of the Donner Party: A Tragedy of the Sierras by Charles F. McGlashan Of all the westward expeditions in American history, the ill-fated Donner Party's ranks among the most notorious.

The band of California-bound pioneers set out in the spring of with high hopes that were ultimately dashed by the brutal realities of unfamiliar territory and unforgiving weather/5(58).

The history of the donner party
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