The differences between the ancient greek city states of sparta and athens

Their livelihood also varied. We call it the Peloponessian War today. And the proof was found in two of the most prominent cities in history—Sparta and Athens. The Trireme was a revolutionary ship, an addition to the earlier Bireme. This led to water being in short supply in Sparta.

Economy While Spartans relied on agriculture for maintaining their economy, Athens became the foremost trading power of the Mediterranean by the 5th century BC and was thus, considerably richer.

Would be raised by parents until the age of seven. Another reason was that they were both founded at different times, by different people.

5a. Rise of City-States: Athens and Sparta

The magnitude of our city draws the produce of the world into our harbor, so that to the Athenian the fruits of other countries are as familiar a luxury as those of his own. Athens, overconfident with this success and money, keptinterfering in other Greek cities not inside its empire, bringingit into conflict with members of the Peloponnesian League led bySparta.

Some women held high posts in the ritual events and religious life of Athens where the goddess Athena was the patron. To test a baby's strength, parents would leave their child on a mountain overnight to see if it could survive on its own until the next morning.

Peloponnesian War

Also, neither employed the fundamental idea of autocracy — a sole, omnipotent ruler. What was the conflict between ancient Sparta and Athens.

For the rest, the training was rigorous. Women were judged on their physique and physical and athletic prowess. In Sparta and other city-states you had to be also a male, but had to be born in that city-state which made a lot of Citizens. Athens ruled Ancient Greece for many years and were the most powerful group.

People could become slaves by being born into slavery, being prisoners of war, or having to sell themselves into slavery due to farm debts. Social Structure of Sparta: A few slaves worked as clerks, and the unluckiest had to work in silver mines.

Athens viewed itself as a regional power, and it had the ambitions to match. Both men and women enjoyed different privileges in Sparta and Athens.

Two kings who were generals in command of the armies and with some religious duties. Athenians were notable intellectuals, and so they spent a lot of time developing and improving techniques on farming and food production. Today the term "classical" is used to describe their enduring style of art and architecture.

While the two great city states of Ancient Greece had a number of differences, they were also similar in certain ways. Education was compulsory for the men.

Although in Sparta it was restricted to military training, in Athens boys were educated in a range of subjects. May 03,  · Sparta and Athens.

Updated on January 27, Anonemuss. more. Contact Author. Sparta and Athens. Ancient tribes of Greece, including Sparta and Athens | Source. The two superpowers of ancient Greece were the city states of Sparta and Athens. What led them to prosper? The Primary Similarities and Differences between Athens and turnonepoundintoonemillion.coms:  Sparta vs Athens When discussing the greatness of ancient civilizations, it's impossible not to toss Greece into the mix.

Similarities and Differences between Spartan and Athenian society

At the time, the Greeks were considered superior in almost all aspects of life from intellect to physical strength. And the proof was found in two of the most prominent cities in history-.

Two of the main poleis, or city states in Greece, were Sparta and Athens. Although both of the city states were located in the same area of the world; they had different ways of living.

Difference Between Sparta and Athens

Sparta and Athens had many differences in how they ran their city states. locate information from this Web site and other resources to complete a chart showing differences between Sparta and Athens categorize statements about the two city-states into the appropriate.

What caused the differences between Athens and Sparta?

The cities of Athens and Sparta were bitter rivals in ancient Greece. Geographically they are very close to each other, but have sometimes had very different values, lifestyles, and cultures.

About The capital and largest city of Greece. Known in Greek as Sparti. The city lies at the southern end of.

The differences between the ancient greek city states of sparta and athens
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