Imagery in the short story the sniper by liam oflaherty

He lets the cap fall into the street, drops his rifle and lets his left hand hang over the edge of the roof, giving the impression that he has been shot dead.

Taking off his cap, he placed it over the muzzle of his rifle. Though only briefly mentioned the old woman may also be symbolically important particularly after she is shot. The body turned over and over in space and hit the ground with a dull thud.

It may also be significant that the Republican sniper respects the Free State sniper his brother as this suggests that despite both men fighting on opposite sides of the war some soldiers still had a connection of sorts with the other army.

It must have fractured it. The distance was about fifty yards--a hard shot in the dim light, and his right arm was paining him like a thousand devils.

The sniper looked at his enemy falling and he shuddered.

What does the sniper symbolize (abstract meaning) in the short story

Perhaps he had been in his own company before the split in the army. On the other side there was no hole. Quickly he drew his knife from his pocket, opened it on the breastwork of the parapet, and ripped open the sleeve.

He was almost deafened with the report and his arm shook with the recoil. Republicans and Free Staters were waging civil war. Dropping flat onto the roof, he crawled back to the parapet.

He was now standing before a row of chimney pots, looking across, with his head clearly silhouetted against the western sky. Then he pushed the rifle slowly upward over the parapet, until the cap was visible from the opposite side of the street.

The sniper takes out his knife and uses it to rip open his shirt. He must kill that enemy and he could not use his rifle. The danger is that the flash of the match might be seen in the darkness.

Swearing, he looks over the parapet and sees a flash, after which a bullet strikes nearby. The sniper rips off his sleeve and ascertains that the bullet has lodged in his bone. Instantly, a bullet hits the wall near him. He paused for a moment, considering whether he should risk a smoke.

The sweat stood out in beads on his forehead.

Liam O'Flaherty

She was pointing to the roof where the sniper lay. A shot rings out and the cap falls to the earth far below. The sniper looked at his enemy falling and he shuddered.

He bent the arm below the wound. Kelly, at least two of the 18, Daoine Bochta and An Fiach, both written inwere originally written in Irish.

Then when the smoke cleared, he peered across and uttered a cry of joy. Just then an armored car came across the bridge and advanced slowly up the street. Free State troops forced their surrender.

Liam O'Flaherty

Later years[ edit ] His last novel was published inand his last published short story was The sniper lay still for a long time nursing his wounded arm and planning escape. His face was the face of a student, thin and ascetic, but his eyes had the cold gleam of the fanatic.

At the time the Free State army accepted Ireland as being a republic of twenty six counties while the Republican army wanted the inclusion of the six counties which made up Northern Ireland and which remained under British rule.

They were deep and thoughtful, the eyes of a man who is used to looking at death. His bullets would never pierce the steel that covered the gray monster.

The woman darted toward the side street. His ruse had succeeded.

The Sniper by Liam O’Flaherty

A machine gun tears up the ground around him with hail of bullets, but he escapes. The sniper slanted the rifle forward. Need help on symbols in Liam O’Flaherty's The Sniper?

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Mobile. In the story “The Sniper,” by Liam O'Flaherty, we find plenty of examples of such figurative languages. What is the summary of the short story House Taken Over, and what theme is it.

The sniper slanted the rifle forward. The cap clipped down into the street. Then catching the rifle in the middle, the sniper dropped his left hand over the roof and let it hang, lifelessly. Liam O'Flaherty (Irish: Liam Ó Flaithearta; 28 August – 7 September ) was an Irish novelist and short story writer and a major figure in the Irish literary renaissance.

He was a founding member of the Communist Party of Ireland. The enemy sniper, tricked into thinking the Republican sniper has been killed, now stands up on the roof clearly silhouetted against the sky.

Here the sniper proves himself to be an ingenious soldier, one who masters physical pain and outsmart his enemy. Liam O’Flaherty did an excellent job in employing stylistic devices in “The Sniper”.

There were significant amounts of imagery, which enhanced the reader’s imagination while reading the book. There was also a distinct symbol that portrayed the true theme of the story perfectly.

Imagery in the short story the sniper by liam oflaherty
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