A biography of benedict arnold a general during the american revolutionary war

She was 18 years old and he was 38 when they were married. Benedict's father was a successful businessman, but began to drink and soon lost his entire fortune. Arnold was angry when Congress did not promote him to major general.

Benedict Arnold Biography

Soon after, though, the congress did one more thing to make him angry, and by that winter he had decided to secretly trade with the British. Burgoyne not only Benedict Arnold. Edward Shippen was a judge and member of the Provincial Council of Pennsylvania; [2] the Shippen family was politically divided, and the judge was considered either a "Neutralist" or a covert "Tory " with allegiance to the British crown.

Needed repairs were never ordered on the chain across the Hudson. Arnold and his second wife, with whom he would have five children, lived a lavish lifestyle in Philadelphia, accumulating substantial debt.

Through the years his social status went down, his wife died, and his rank as an officer was demoted several times. Because of the constant agony of two battlefield wounds in an already gout-ridden leg.

However, a few days after their meeting, Major Andre was captured by the Americans. When he returned to the army at Valley Forgethe soldiers welcomed him as a hero. He tried to become a ship merchant, but they had no use for a cripple.

He was again severely wounded in the left leg late in the fighting. They argued over it for a while, then they both just gave it up. In Novemberher father escorted Peggy and her infant son to the shores of the Hudson where she boarded a boat to New York City to join Arnold.

Peggy Shippen

Or was it a kind of extreme midlife crisis, swerving from radical political beliefs to reactionary ones, a change accelerated by his marriage to the very young, very pretty, very Tory Peggy Shippen.

Additional information Description Benedict Arnold was a merchant before joining the militia and later the Continental Army. In April he married Margaret Shippen, the daughter of a wealthy Philadelphian. She and Arnold also had close friends who were either actively Loyalist or sympathetic to that cause.

In the same month Congress made Arnold a brigadier general an army officer above a colonel. After the plot failed, he served in the British military. However, British casualties were high; nearly one quarter of the force was killed or wounded, and Clinton declared that he could ill afford any more such victories.

The French had besieged Fort William Henry in northeastern New York, and their Indian allies had committed atrocities after their victory.

Boot Monument

During this time, Arnold brought his sister Hannah to New Haven and established her in his apothecary to manage the business in his absence. There he was second in command, and after three days he discovered that he and the general had very different ideas on how to fight.

She exerted powerful influence on her husband, who is said to have been his own man but who actually was swayed by his staff and certainly by his wife. As a young man, Arnold was a risk-taker who looked for outlets for his energetic and impulsive taking action before thinking things through nature.

General Arnold systematically weakened the defenses of West Point with the intent of making it easier for the British to capture.

Learn more about the Revolutionary War: Leaving Cambridge on September 19,he led his troops north through Maine into Canada. While he was still a general on the American side, he obtained command of the fort at West Point, New York, and plotted unsuccessfully to surrender it to the British. He received the letter while waiting for Washington, with whom he had planned to have breakfast.

Arnold even came under military court martial at one point. Died in London, England; married to Virginia Goodrich, no children. Washington refused his resignation and ordered him north to assist with the defense there. Arnold was convicted on two minor charges of using his authority to make a profit.

The other leg ached constantly, and he walked only with a cane. All in all I think the worst thing that was hurt about Benedict Arnold was his pride. Shipping charges are lower when buying multiple mugs. His many successful actions included the Capture of Fort Ticonderoga insuccessful defensive and delaying tactics while losing the Battle of Valcour Island on Lake Champlain inthe Battle of Ridgefield, Connecticut after which he was promoted to Major Generaland the pivotal Battles of Saratoga inin which he suffered leg injuries that effectively ended his combat career for several years.

His first wife had died in On October 11,the American fleet surprised its foe near Valcour Bay. Arnold rejoined the army in time to participate in the defense of central New York from an invading British force under General John Burgoyne in the fall of.

A American military officer who served as a general during the American Revolutionary War, fighting for the American Continental Army before defecting to the British in Benedict Arnold.

Benedict Arnold, (born January 14,Norwich, Connecticut [U.S.]—died June 14,London, England), patriot officer who served the cause of the American Revolution untilwhen he shifted his allegiance to the British.

Thereafter his name became an epithet for traitor in the United.

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Continental and later British Army general during the American Revolutionary War. Oct 27,  · Watch video · Benedict Arnold, the American general during the Revolutionary War who betrayed his country and became synonymous with the word “traitor,” was born on this day in Arnold, who was raised.

Arnold, Benedict: meeting with Maj. John André American Gen. Benedict Arnold (seated), commander of West Point, pointing to the boot of British Maj. John André to suggest it as a place to conceal plans regarding Arnold's surrender of the strategically located garrison to the British.

Benedict Arnold (January 14, [O.S. January 3, ] – June 14, ) was an American military officer who served as a general during the American Revolutionary War, fighting for the American Continental Army before defecting to the British in

A biography of benedict arnold a general during the american revolutionary war
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Benedict Arnold